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Digital Light Processing (DLP)

DLP Cube

The DLP process is another 3D printing technology that is based on synthetic resin and comes close to the SLA process. The main difference is that a light processor serves as the UV light source. The resolution of the light processor plays a crucial role, as this also determines the 3D printing resolution.


The DLP process is also called a bottom-up process. This designation refers to the structure of the individual layers. The construction platform (upside down) is immersed in the resin bath and is irradiated from below with the UV light source. After each exposure, the platform moves upwards layer by layer until the entire part has been completely removed from the resin bath.

Accuracy - Precision

In general, the DLP and SLA process are one of the most precise and precise 3D printing processes. For this reason, both processes are of enormous importance in the field of additive manufacturing.

In addition, both processes are known for their high surface quality among all 3D printing processes. Differences can only be seen in small parts with a high level of detail.

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